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Hi! I'm millie. I am an autistic, non-binary (gender), queer, creative person, and I would like to make videos to share online (YouTube) about these topics and how they relate to my life and experiences.

I enjoy sharing about my life, if I feel like it can help others who have gone through similar things, or are on a self discovery journey and see some of themselves in me. Watching videos of other people share their experience has been one of the best ways for me to discover who I am and helped me get through a lot of challenging times, and I hope this can do the same for others.

You can really ask me anything! Your questions will be anonymous. If I don't want to answer something, I just won't answer it. I will answer questions in the order of whichever one I feel would be most helpful or most interesting to answer at the moment.

Are there things you are curious about? Taboo questions that you have always wanted to ask? Want to see if I experience something similar to you? Do you know me and want to ask something that you wouldn't ask me face to face?

I'm curious to see what surprising questions people come up with!

ask me a question for to answer on YouTube

topic ideas

(but you can ask me anything)


autism, ADHD, neurodiversity, autistic culture, queer culture, mental health, spirituality, disability, substance use, language, communication, sensory experience, relationships, special/intense interests, gender diversity, work, play, family, community

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