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millie's ND resources

As much as possible I tried to find sources that are created by autistic people, or with the input of autistic people, or at least by someone who feels to me like an ally.

These are also for the most part chosen because I feel they are good primers and are accessible to a wide range of people with different ways of learning. 


Mental Health Literacy Guide for Autism
I love this guide as it’s written in a really accessible way and with input from autistic adults and their family members throughout. I found it really spoke to my experience and is the most all around useful and empowering document that I’ve found so far. Great for autistic adults to read, and also for allies and supporters, to be able to have a deeper understanding of what we are going through. The main guide is in PDF format and is linked from this page. There are also some nice video summaries/animations for each topic in the guide on this same page at the bottom.

Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace

This is a free, self-paced course through UBC aimed at employers who have ND employees. This training is fairly new so I have not personally gone through it yet but my counsellor recommends it to employers and I trust her expert opinion. I will be working through this soon.


Different Minds

“A website created by The Scottish Government written in partnership with autistic people.”
I love this site for being an autism friendly visual design and fully of simple and easy to read information to help allistic people understand autistic people, written with lots of input from autistic people. Explore the pages as there is so much good content.

Embrace Autism

I love this website for its autism friendly and fun design and having so much useful content. Especially great are the self-report tests for those that think they might be autistic (or for anyone interested to see how they score on various scales), the informative and science backed blog posts, and a useful list of autistic strengths and weaknesses.


“The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People”. Articles on neurodiversity topics written by autistic people.

REGIONAL (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Victoria Speech + Language Centre

Occupational therapy for neurodivergent adults!
"Providing excellent evidence-based speech-language services and occupational therapy to children and adults. We are a group of highly experienced speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists working as a collaborative team."

AsUR Counselling & Consulting Services

Counselling specializing in neurodivergent adults!
"AsUR (pronounced ‘as you are’) is a neurodiversity-affirming mental health counselling clinic that welcomes clients with all backgrounds.

"We specialize in counselling therapy for those who identify as neurodivergent / have a neurodevelopmental condition*, such as suspected or diagnosed Autism (ASD) and ADHD; We also support important people in their lives, including partners, parents, siblings, friends, and caretakers."

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